___ Valentine

I think of love and all the different ways I can express that love in a positive way.


___ Pills

I think of a dependent relief from whatever pain or suffering I’m enduring.


___ Valentine + Pills =

Combine Valentine and Pills together and I think of taking a dose of what I love to emit positive results.


___ The Things We Do

We do many things to try and distract ourselves from our pain. It can be art, music, cooking, swimming, traveling, dining out, exercise, volunteering, charity, awareness, shopping, eating, partying… etc. I believe that all of these things can be done with positive or negative impact.

Welcome to the Valentine Pills Project. This is my life, my journey, my thoughts, my creativity and my place.


___ Disclaimer

  •  I am not a medical professional. You should always consult your physician or licensed trained professional before trying anything I may have posted here.
  • This is a blog of my personal journey in life. I will always do my best to provide links to my resources and credit any photos used that I didn’t take with my own camera. If you see an image that’s yours, contact me and I will properly credit you or take the photo down at your request.
  • This blog is intended for mature audiences only. Viewer and Reading Discretion is Advised.