When we think of a valentine, we think of things we love. We start thinking of ways we can express that love. When we think of pills, we think of dependent relief from whatever pain or suffering we’re enduring. When you put Valentine and Pills together, we think of taking a dose of what we love to emit positive results. That is what this project is all about; doing something that you love to relieve yourself of daily stresses in life.


___ the THINGS WE DO


We do many things to try and distract ourselves from our pain and suffering. It can be art, music, cooking, swimming, traveling, dining out, exercise, volunteering, charity, awareness, shopping, eating, partying… etc. You can do all of these things and it can be positive. You can do some of these things and it can have a negative impact on your life. This blog will focus on the positive ways to do these things.


___ the GOAL


  • To provide a resource to positive, healthy, fun things to do to boost your energy, self-esteem and mood.
  • To know and understand that every day may not be your best day.
  • To encourage people to do great things for themselves and others.